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History Of Dallas TX

The history of Dallas TX was a major focal point of the Caddo who inhabited Dallas in the 16th century together with the rest of Texas as part of the Spanish placed governed of new Spain. This area was initially claimed by the French, but later on, in 1819 it was included within the Spanish territory with the aid of the Adams-Onis Treaty. There was a certain European who probably visited this area in 1778 by the name of Athanase de Mezieres who had a keen interest in the position of Dallas, but this visit saw the Spanish rule until 1812 when Mexico declared independence from Spain.

To serve his fellow Native Americans, John Bryan was expediting for a good trading post happened to survey Dallas in the 19th century and was drawn by the wide Trinity of the flood plain. He knew that the planned trails created by the Caddo intersecting the natural fords were important when the United States annexed Texas in the in the mid of that century.

Later on, in 1856, Dallas was awarded a town charter with Samuel Pryor elected as the first Mayor together with his constable. The population of the city started to pick up, and this saw services like railway lines starting to cross through the town.

There was a mixture of native Americans, African Americans- mostly slaves Belgians, French, and Germans. At one time there broke out Texas Troubles which started out as a result of a fire break out in the town which was blamed on the African Americans.

Between 1874-1924 saw the city emerging as an industrial town which was partial as a result of the problems encountered by the farmers in that locality. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad reached Dallas thanks to Jay Gould in 1880.

Five years later, saw the town being lit with electricity. Three years later Dallas Zoo opened up to the public as the first zoological garden in the state. In 1890, the city of East Dallas was annexed thereby expanding its territory making it be the most populous city. Later on in 1893 many people began to flock out of the city due to the national financial panic but later on picked up from its knees in 1898 and recovered immensely in term of finance.

The turn of the 20th century, Dallas was the leading center for trade in cotton and grain. It still maintains that lead in the world market. The year 1908 brought a great devastation upon the city when there was a great flood which left 4000 people displaced and five casualties. The city outsourced for George Kessler, a city planner whose work in the architecture paid well in the 1930s.

Oil deposits were found in the year 1930 by Columbus Marion, and Dallas rose up to become the financial headquarter for oil fields in Texas. With the presence of fuel deposits, Dallas served as the center for manufacturing weapons for the world war II.

Scientific inventions like the integrated circuit were also invented in the heart of the city by Jack Kilby in 1958.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Elm Street in downtown Dallas on 22 November 1963. The place where the suspect is believed to have shot the president, Texas School Book Depository, has been converted into a museum containing the life and accomplishments of the late president.

In the 1970s, the city of Dallas was faced by massive real estate boom coupled with business and banking boom as well. This boom saw the realization of the tallest building in Dallas Bank Of America.

Currently, the city holds the title as the Texas’s Silicon Valley thanks to the booming telecom industry explosion in Dallas. Real estate development is currently on its peaks, and it’s the hottest real estate market in the whole of the USA. 

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