History Of Dallas

Texas, the country whose name come from an Indian word “Tejas, tayshas” meaning friends, was once the most famous cowboy state. The Dodge City and similar names still exist. And jeans and a broad-brimmed hat. The land of cows, ranchers, and ranches. Did you know, the largest one, The King Ranch is larger than the entire American state of Rhode Island? On the unimaginable vastness (Texas is the biggest state in USA after
Alaska) there are about 24,000 ranches and farms.

But Texas has one another side. In the “cowboy country”, among other things, was discovered vast oil deposits and thanks to it Texas is ranked among the richest states in the world. However, maybe the Texas cities can not compete for the most exciting in the USA, but they are certainly attractive for life, providing a good combination of comfort and affordable living. Dallas is one of them. House prices and living cost classified it on the list top of 10 most lucrative cities for life in the whole America. This is supported by the attractive tax policy, according to the research foundation for taxes, only five states in the USA have lower personal tax levies from Texas.

Although many Americans still associate Dallas with a “folksy” men in hats, cowboy boots and plaid shirts this stereotype has long since disappeared. Even as one of the twenty largest cities in the States, Dallas is well adapted for family life, and the birth rate is higher than the US average. The city can also be found on the prestigious list of American fastest growing cities in the company with New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Diego, etc.

The attractiveness of this fantastic metropolis lies in the abundance and diversity of activities and Dallas experienced an economic development thanks to the oil boom and gas exploitation. Growth is also strong in the field of modern technology, IT sector trade, and business services. Some studies show that almost 75 % of the American population in the case of moving will first elect Dallas as the place for a new beginning.
This is the reason of city growing, always building new skyscrapers, offices, and business centers, but the proud natives are not immune and completely indifferent to newcomers so they often jokingly say with a little jealous – “You are welcome, but return quickly to your homes”! 🙂

However, the fact is Dallas offers even more than some other, even larger cities, so many people see their future and an excellent opportunity for a
lucrative job, a comfortable and care-free life here. Let us no forget, Dallas and Texas lies at latitudes of Africa with a humid subtropical climate. Summers are warm, between 35-40 degrees, and winter is mild and without snow. Many think that’s more comfortable for life than tropical Florida. The weather is pleasant, especially from late September and early December with favorable transition months so if you get the desire to go to Dallas after reading this article, the best time to visit it is during spring and autumn season. You don’t need to love Dallas but if someone asks – is American dream still alive? Yes, in Dallas Texas. 

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