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Tools for Locksmiths

Locksmiths are in no way different from other professionals. They also make use of tools which are useful for their job. Investment on certain tools is very important to them to carry out every single task required of them for any client lock concerns.

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Lock Techs share some Locksmith Tools that every locksmith must have.

Key Making Machine – The most iconic piece of machinery that every locksmith has is the ‘key making machine‘. This massive tool ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on your volume of work. It is the most valuable tool for general business.

Lock Gun and Slim Jim – Most people are familiar with the slim jim, which is the long skinny piece of metal used to lift the door handle. While that is still used for older cars, it is much easier for us to use our lockpick gun, which automatically ties different methods to jiggle and open the door for us. That being said, most contemporary cars with computers in them can be remotely accessed by your manufacturer.

Decoder and Cap Remover – The decoder is an individual chart that is sold by lock making companies exclusively to locksmiths. These decoders show the average combinations for lock tumblers. These aren’t tremendously useful, but they are a very valuable resource. The most important device are cap removers, which can help increase the amount of room our lockpicks have to enter the keyhole.

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Lock Picking may sound simple but also requires the right tools and should be done properly. Lock picking is a method done to unlock the lock by simply manipulating the lock device components without using the original key. Another useful tool is a plug spinner that can flip the lock into the right position so that picking the lock can be done with ease.

Mr. Locksmith also shares a brief introduction for beginners about how to use the lock picking tool to flip the lock to the unlocked position.

When I’m teaching beginners how to pick locks, I always tell them “don’t worry about which way you pick the lock, use a plug spinner.”

There are several good tools out there that will flip the lock into the correct position. It moves it so fast that the key, the plug, will go to the unlocked position. Some locks just won’t pick which way you want it to pick. So just pick it however it picks and then you worry about it with the flipper. My go to flipper, I really like, is the A1 plug spinner.

This is in … It’s slim, it’s in my kit, it’s quick, it’s easy, it fits well. I really to like the HPC and this is the German made Wendt. I really like these plug spinners. They’re effective, fast, good. A little bit more bulky, really reliable. Anything from Peterson is good. Penterson also has a Bump Key spinner attachment on this so if you want to spin a lock you’ve bumped, it’s bumped the wrong way you can use the different attachment on this. Read more.

Mr. Locksmith also discusses how this is actually done from the video below.

If you need to hire a locksmith, make sure to check with them if they are firstly licensed. If they are, then you should expect them to have the complete tools. There are some newbie locksmiths out there who you can hire, however the safest move is for you to hire ones who are really licensed.

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